Jennifer Sands, The Truth About Poetry (Submitted Without Contact Information)

We don’t really publish poems and we seldom receive them for consideration. So we’re throwing this one up for its meta-criticism and nuanced relationship with itself.  

The TRUTH about POETRY is that it is manmade –  

it is not other-worldly or celestial or made of stardust like the most beautiful ones tend to purport.  

The TRUTH about POETRY is that it expires –  

it is not as timeless as it is ephemeral and that’s the reason people want so badly to preserve it.  

The TRUTH about POETRY is that no matter how much of it I write, I am never happy –  

tt does not bring joy to share my truth, it does not define me to write in rhyme, and it does not alleviate my depression to compose a stanza.  

The TRUTH about POETRY is that through mediation, we are whole –  

whether that mediation be a solo journey down a lined form or a conversation from couch to armchair.